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Value Statement


…is our number 1 goal!


According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word value is defined as: a fair return in goods or services for money or something exchanged. Some “quickie lube” shops attract customers because they are perceived to be faster and more convenient in today’s fast paced lifestyles. It is odd that their average oil change sales ticket is just over $100.00! How thorough are the quickie shops?

A Comparison Based on Value

                                                   Elite Gas and Service                Other Guys

Check Battery? Yes No
Use Proper Specified Oil? Yes Maybe
Use High Quality Filter? Yes Maybe
Check Lights? Yes Yes
Check Wipers? Yes Yes
Check Brakes? Yes No
Check Tire Condition and Pressures? Yes No
Check Axles? Yes No
Check Suspension and Steering? Yes No
Check for Fluid Leaks? Yes No
Check Drive Belts? Yes No
Check Muffler and Exhaust? Yes No
Check Clutch Operation? Yes No
Check Radiator Hoses? Yes No
Lube Hinges and Latches? Yes No
Top Off Washer Fluid? Yes Maybe
Trained-Caring Technician? Yes Maybe
Yes/No Totals 17 2


You can see why the quickie guys are quick. They do not check a lot of the components that are prone to wear and damage. Some of these items are safety related. At Elite Gas and Service you are assured that we thoroughly inspect your vehicle and give an honest assessment each and every time.